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    @asoucie Welcome to the WE Speak community. Your skills sets are invaluable to startups and we look forward to your sharing comments and suggestions for good reads, upcoming events to attend etc within the “idea exchange” section.

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    @loydhuffmn and others interested in joing this community. PLEASE use the bio section to tell us what entrepreneurship challenges you are experiencing or what mentoring expertise you are willing to share. This community is not intended as forum for simple promotion of your product or services.

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    Are you interested in Social Entrepreneurship? The 15 Cornell delegates accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University program can tell you about their Commitment to Action and what they expect to gain from this vast global network.

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    The Harvard Business Review recently published an article about how male and female entrepreneurs get asked different questions by venture capitalists.

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    From Idea To IPO: Immigration and Corporate Issues
    When: Thursday July 13, 2 PM-3 PM EST
    What: Free Webinar
    Every entrepreneur needs to know how to navigate the life cycle of a startup company, from concept to a successful IPO. Experienced Miller Mayer attorneys Steve Yale-Loehr, David Wilks, Nathan Cook, and Paul Lee will explain the process from…[Read more]

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    Marisa Sergi created a video describing how she went from Cornell Student Business of the Year to become CEO of RedHead Wines which is now on shelves at Walmart!

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    ORTHOFIT seeking a new intern focusing on business development and sales for the summer. OrthoFit prevents ergonomic injuries in the workplace with our smart wearables and software. OrthoFit was part of the 2016 Elab Cohort and now are a team of 8 engineers, computer scientists, and developers looking to redefine workplace safety. Deadline: July…[Read more]

  • I see the rapid increase in the number of podcasts focused on analysis of news and current events  as a good thing.  I like to believe that the average audience member considers podcasts as only one of many m […]

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    Entrepreneurship Camp for Teenage Girls July 10-14
    Girls Mean Business has partnered with Alternatives Federal Credit Union to create a week-long summer camp in Ithaca, NY for girls interested in entrepreneurship!

    Cost: $150 (Limited number of full scholarships are available)

  • I’ve recently returned from a 14 day trip during which I reconnected with three fabulous women who I had not seen for years – in one case, not for decades! The first woman I’ve known since age 6; the second was […]

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    6 ways entrepreneurs can hurdle common legal pitfalls

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    How did you celebrate Mothers’ Day? Yve-Car Momperousse, founder of Kreyol Essence a beauty products manufacturer pays tribute to her mom

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    Do female entrepreneurs promote their businesses differently than their male counterparts? Read this new report on how social media amplifies traditional norms.

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    yes! great listing of many valuable courses and other entrepreneurial resources available to Cornell students. For a more information, visit ww.

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    RE: your business. How would an animal in need contact the human network? Or, is this more about current owner needs vacation care for pet or help with relocating a larger animal like a horse?

    Yes I am a Greenland paddler! I’m guessing you are too. It’s warming up so give me a private shout anytime your want to meet on the water.

    • Thanks for your interest! Yes, it is more the latter, helping people help animals, with additional features to make it easier to find sheep shearers or farriers or farm sitters (a step up from Craigslist, word of mouth, and feed store bulletin boards), or advertise those skills without the overhead of a private website–Airbnb for animal services…[Read more]

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    @sfc24 What impact do gender stereotypes and bias have upon women’s ascent to and success in leadership roles?
    Great question and terrific to see you are sharing your expertise during Rev:Ithaca Startups Works event on May 4… details

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    @xanthm What % of members in the REV: Ithaca Works hardware accelerator are women? How can we help bring this opportunity to more aspiring entrepreneurs?

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